Big Bang HOW GEE 歌词

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one for the money, two for the show

we got the party peolple screamin' out...(hey - ho)

let's go!

on and on into the breaka-dawn

i got a mic and i just can't leave it alone i be the - t.o.p. aiite!

i represent the big bang big thangs feel me i bring'em like

down and dirty you heard me it's straight whoa!

people gotta have it they really won't let go, huh

yo, i got it full control

indeed i'm ridin' high no need to lay low

i'm psyked i'm rippin' the show

-rap- tight like kick in the doe

that's right baby zero below you know the

gd got ya city throwin'em up

it's oh so - ficky ficky fresh! i give you nuttin' less

and if you aint known by now i be the best

ladi dadi we came to party yes yes

and while ya freakin' ya shawty let's just...

ahhhhhhhh bigbang gon' raise the roof yall


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