Baby Brandy歌词

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Sung By "Brandy"

Oh yeah

Baby, baby, baby, baby

Don't you know that you're so fine? (Yeah)

Baby, baby, baby, baby

I think about you all the time (Yeah)

I guess it's time to say baby, baby

How you make me feel when you come to mind

I can't keep my cool baby, baby

I can't hold it inside

I can't wait each day

Just to see you walk

Trying to move in close

To get to where you are

Not trying to be rude baby, baby

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

So I'm telling you

Words just ain't enough baby, baby

But that's all I can use to state my intentions

Hope it gets to love baby, baby yeah

It's a perfect situation

Cuz we fit together like a hand in glove

Just to be with you is all I'm thinking of

Whoa, oh yeah

What el

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