Speed Demon歌词

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I'm headed for the border

It's on my mind

And nothin' really matters

I've got to be on time

Look in the view mirror

Is he hot on my tracks

Is he getting nearer

I feel some heat is on my back

(Speed demon)

Speedin' on the freeway

Gotta get a leadway

Doin' it on the highway

Gotta have it my way

Mind is like a compass

I'm stoppin' at nothin'

(He say) Pull over boy and get your ticket right...

And nothin' gonna stop me

Ain't no stop and go

I'm speedin' on the midway

I gotta really burn this road

(He say) Just, pull over boy and get your ticket right...

Speed demon, you're the very same one

Who said the future's in your hands

The life you save could be your own

You're preachin

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