Just Good Friends歌词

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Na na na-na na na na nah! Hoo hoo!

Dancing- Hee!

Doggone lover!

C'mon boy

I watched you on the floor

Cheek to cheek

She's getting to you

You didn't see-her eyes on me-no

She looked right through you

(Before you make)Before you make

(A big mistake)Remember

That looks can fool you babe, hee!

There's something I would sure appreciate

(If you can keep a secret)

Baby loves me, But she never shows she cares

(No, you won't see her kiss and hug me)

Baby loves me, No she acts like I'm not there

(That doesn't mean she doesn't love me-Ooo)

If they ask her

Tell'em that we're just good friends...


Just good friends...

Ah! Chika - chika-ah! Ooh


Hee! Aaow!

Just good friends...

You better take advice

Never trust-first impressions

I tried to hide

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