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2020年10月14日13:51:25 评论 942字阅读3分8秒

  All the pieces are where they ought to be

  But it's clear that we don't look lightly

  Take a place around the tabletop

  Make a push to wake the moment up

  Say you want to say what's wrong

  Any way to blow up the cover

  There's a way thru bogs

  As long as there's a light to discover it

  Like a twisted stick let's dig

  thru the sick and find a level space

  Cinch to say

  It's a gut that feels all things unknown

  And a ring within the brain you know

  Not ashamed to say the instinct's there

  But a virtue to deny the bait

  Know the cost and move to cause an endeavour

  Globbed onto something

  In the lawn there's room to improve

  As there's a need to uncover it

  As a joker sucks let's sift thru

  the muck and lift this dingey veil

  Same old tale

  Get mixed in this crippling fixture try

  and approach the hidden mixtures

  Get mixed in this crippling fixture try

  and approach the hidden nature

  For a misplaced stash let's search thru the trash

  and write this ignorant lurch

  Wicked urge

  Raise the gab above a whisper

  speak to sound a spoiling blister

  Raise the gab above a whisper

  talk to cure a blistered picture

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