az[美]Magic Hour歌词

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  Yea, poet, politician, playa when necessary

  This is AZ

  I'm your host for the evening

  It's Magic Hour

  How we gonna do this?

  No stress, we on the sands in Tahiti

  Bare chest, you pass this dirty gram on the pinky

  Respect, finess movements like your hands in grafitti

  Grey Goose, mixed with grape, cran and the kiwi

  It's truth holds galore

  Rolls go clothes galore; take paper till they close the door

  Either or, corner hustle or hustle on tour

  To seen it all, nothing left but to stumble no more

  And the sex is fantasm

  Flow, campaigns 'em

  Dough, can't change 'em

  Courts, can't arraign 'em

  It's sports, Titanium quartz, Iranian taught,

  I came in force, all the bangers is brought

  Brought the bang at your fort, torch and tangle your thoughts,

  Scorch and stand if you're short

  So of course, just to chill and conversate, Mil- and Salaam-ulate

  Millions I'm trying to chase illin' from out the gate

  Get it right my feelin's is not awake

  Ducatti bikes, shipped from out of state

  The pressure is on, the blunts is lit

  My presence is strong, it's real I'm amongst the mix

  The Wesson is long, I move like I'm on some shit

  So testin' is wrong cause once guns is drawn that's it

  The beats the rap the game is done

  We leave, we at, we smack, we bang them guns

  We beat with bats, we scrap, we came, we come

  So, peace to that he's back nigga one

  Yea, Chairman of the Board, man

  Black Leader, the Mecca Don

  El Presidente,

  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  All I do is bring the life to a dead game the moment I came

  Under my umbrella, my flag, my name

  If the ship leaving the port, cruise to the resort

  You can't be serious baby, this is sport

  Gotta make my rounds, head wolf of this pack

  Till it's me an A' steppin' out of both sides of that Maybach

  We can eat lovely, just don't interrupt me

  And mix all this checkmate with that quiet money

  I can see it all bubblin' the move is no troublin'

  I'm a give you the plug and the Sosa

  They all love CL, no jail for homie

  Only gotta tell me one time, Don't fuck me Tony

  Just buy weight fly straight and keep me right

  And I don't care what I spend on security

  It helps me sleep at night

  Scene of this sharp as me

  You take it in air, you can't compare

  To the initials engraved in my office chair

  The boss is here, we deep in the game

  You can't do it the same

  You gotta bring a strong leash for your dame or pop up

  Speaking of cheddar, me and son peak it together

  Can't feel it's the real deal or let the meatballs meet the Baretta

  Smellin' like fresh cut leather

  Odd color called sarsaparilla

  The curtain is drawn the seat's vanilla

  Let him see heat forever

  Taking that seat empowers

  All you wantin' is Magic Hour

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